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LuridMC Network is a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server network aiming to provide a unique and enjoyable platform full of many custom features for its Luriders. We are a server network that strives to ensure the satisfaction of each player. LuridMC Network is always here to listen to its community, we rely on our community's overall opinion and place our to-do list according to this opinion. Polls are often made over at #polls on our Discord server where we can decide as a community on a decision altogether.

Purchases should take no longer than an hour to process. If you haven't received your purchased package in-game. Please make a ticket on our Discord server.

Argus Slade Lurid Lurid+
Scoreboard Colors
Chat Emojis
/sell all
Chest Auto Sell
Sell Boost
Splash Potion Colors
Auto /daily
/fix all
/vkit Level Up Boost
Guaranteed 5% Book Success
Chat Colors
Max Homes
Default: 8
10 12 14 15
Max Vaults
Default: 2
4 6 8 10
Max Spawners Stacked
Default: 5
7 9 12 15
Max /ah Listings
Default: 2
4 6 8 10
Max Custom Scoreboards
Default: 1
2 3 4 5
/ah sell Tax
Default: 10%
8% 4% 2% 0%
Coin Flip Tax
Default: 10%
8% 4% 2% 0%
Chat Cool Down
Default: 3secs
3secs 3secs 2secs 1sec
Free Spawner Break
Default: 15mins
30min 45min 1hr 2hrs
/bless Cool Down
Default: 10mins
9mins 7mins 5mins 3mins
/heal Cool Down
Default: 10mins
8mins 6mins 4mins 2mins
/feed Cool Down
Default: 5mins
4mins 3mins 2mins 1min
/fix all Cool Down
Default: 10mins
8mins 6mins 4mins 3mins
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